How to enable very secure FTP deamon in Linux

How to install WordPress plugins on a local machine After installing apache server and setting it all up to run wordpress, we need to add more to it. WordPress by it self will run but you may want to install updates, more plugins and things like this to test or build your project. Here’s what […]

How to fix skype white screen after new sign in

skype blank screen

After a fresh installation of Linux on my laptop I installed skype as normal. Logging in as normal it prompt me to enter a pin sent to my email, so after putting this in, it only showed the following blank white screen.  After searching on Google, an easy solution wasn’t found other than reinstalling it […]

How to move a wordpress site without a plugin

move wordpress

This is one of the most simpliest way you can do this without messing with plugins. Here’s why I started doing it this way. I started out with a plugin called “all in one migration”, you probably heard of it before. It is suppose to take your completed wordpress site and back it up into […]

Importing Contacts from gmail to Thunderbird


When running a business it’s always recommended to use a professional email using your domain name such as or simply your name. However you would need to use a client or software such as Outlook or Thunderbird. There are many of them out there but in this article I’m going to show you step […]